[R]Evolution of Hip Hop – The Golden Era, circa 1986-1990. Opening on July 12, 2022 at Bronx Terminal Market,610 Exterior Street, Bronx NY

[R]Evolution of Hip Hop – The Golden Era, circa 1986-1990. Opening on July 12, 2022 at Bronx Terminal Market,610 Exterior Street, Bronx NY

The Hip Hop Museum, July 2022

Welcome to THHM announcements, news, and media for July 2022! Thank you for being part of our community of supporters, artists, fans, and advocates. We’ve got one significant announcement this month, so without further ado…

[R]Evolution of Hip Hop – The Golden Era circa 1986 –

The long-awaited curation of the [R]Evolution of Hip Hop continues to represent at the Bronx Terminal Market. We’re very excited to announce the final timeline installation of the exhibition, 1986-1990, known as “the Golden Era of Hip Hop” opens on July 12, 2022. Seven months in the making, we present the dawn of a new age in Hip Hop and Rap music, a new generation of MCs, DJs, producers, and dancers made remarkable advancements in artistry and technology. We will look forward to welcoming you to The Golden Era: 1986 – 1990.

In the words of curator and icon Prime Minister Pete Nice, put on your shell-toe Adidas Superstars and take a step back into time at the Revolution of Hip Hop 1986 to 1990. Experience the street fashions of Dapper Dan, the beats of DJ Scott LaRock, the rhymes of Biz Markie, and the culture of Hip Hop that was chronicled by “Video Music Box,” Word Up Magazine, The Source, “The Arsenio Hall Show,” and scores of other outlets.

Executive Director Rocky Bucano calls this [R]Evolution “undoubtedly our most engaging, creative, entertaining celebration of Hip Hop History produced since we opened the pop-up in 2019.

It takes a village, and our co-creators/collaborators include Microsoft, BaseBoss, Collab Studio NYC, The Related Companies, and the Bronx Terminal Market. Our curators are the aforementioned Prime Minister Pete Nice and the legendary Paradise Gray.

The exhibition is open Tuesday-Saturday, 12-7pm EDT and on Sunday 1-6:30pm EDT at Bronx Terminal Market, 610 Exterior Street, Bronx, NY. Tickets $20, must be reserved in advance. Proof of vaccination or a negative within 24 hours COVID-19 test is required for entry. Space is limited.

Get your tickets today.

Being, and Becoming, a Member of the THHM

The Hip Hop Museum continues its dedication to supporting and preserving Hip Hop history and culture as we continue construction of our permanent home in the Bronx. The development of our Artificial Intelligence, and our presentations of live programming and concerts for the summer season of 2022 to the community, will be very exciting.

We would be remiss if we did not thank our current members who have committed to joining us on the journey to be a part of the first Hip Hop Museum built from the ground up. We honor and applaud you for your continued support of, and contribution to this cause and effort. Many thanks for pioneering with us.

To our subscribers, we encourage you to become members of The Hip Hop Museum. You can join us here. Your support goes a long way to helping us create and produce special events, live concerts, and educational programming. Our lists of all donors – Financial and Archives & Collections – continue to grow, and you can see them on our website. We are honored by their contributions, and we look forward to welcoming you. Thanks again for your support!

Wishing you a spectacular summer. Hope to see you at the [R]Evolution. Thank you for helping us build the Official Record of Hip Hop!

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