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The Universal Hip Hop Museum has been documenting the journey from concept to our groundbreaking. Check out some of our videos and join our YouTube Channel to stay in the loop.

The Universal Hip Hop Museum officially broke ground in the Bronx, the birthplace of Hip Hop, on May 20 2021.
The UHHM will open in 2024. Thank you to our team, partners, and supporters for a legendary day celebrating Hip Hop culture.

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Special Events

Group 9
What's the 411?

The UHHM presents a Tribute to Biz Markie Tribute. Biz Markie was more than “Just a Friend,” he was a well loved Hip Hop family member. This film testifies what Biz’s legacy meant to the Hip Hop community.

The Universal Hip Hop Museum presents our Capital Campaign Replay, Time 2 Build, where we discuss our vision and provide a special tour of what the future home of Hip Hop will look like, with guest speakers including music producer Dallas Austin, artist Mumu Fresh, and others. 

Universal Hip Hop Museum and Video Music Box present the 50th Anniversary Celebration of The Last Poets Debut Album, featuring special guests Black Thought, Rakim, Chuck D, Jessica Care Moore, Chubb Rock, Michael Holman, Black Ice, and many more.

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Meet the Women Advisors of the Universal Hip Hop Museum! Moderator: Tina Marie Tyler (Tina On Tech Entertainment). Panelists: Thembisa Mshaka (CEO, Mshaka Media), Mandy Aragones (Slick Rick Entertainment), Dedra Tate (Unlimited Contacts, Inc.), and Nana Ashhurst (UHHM Chairwoman, Def Jam).

Universal Hip Hop Museum Presents Hip Hop 4 Peace featuring Chuck D, KRS-One, Roxanne Shanté, Chubb Rock with special guest appearances by Ayo & Teo, Alphonso David, Ndaba Mandela, with world premieres by Klondike Blonde, Kurtis Blow, and MC One Nine with special dance performances by Norah, Yarah and Rosa, and Generation Hip Hop.

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RHH The Podcast

Group 10
RHH The Podcast

The [R]Evolution of Hip Hop podcast features special guest Kurtis Blow, The King of Rap. Interviewed by Popmaster Fabel, of the legendary dance group the Rock Steady Crew, Kurtis Blow talks about his career and the movement of the Universal Hip Hop Museum.  

Before Hip Hop became mainstream, there were only a few commercial stations that played Rap songs on air. In this two-part episode of the [R]Evolution of Hip Hop Podcast, the UHHM pays tribute to the legendary Awesome 2’s Special K, for being one of the first radio DJ’s to spin Rap songs on radio. 

Rocky Bucano, Executive Director of the Universal Hip Hop Museum, sits down with Ndaba Mandela to discuss the legacy of his grandfather, Nelson Mandela, and the release of his new book, Going to The Mountain.

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