Welcome to the [R]Evolution of Hip Hop, an interactive journey through history using artifacts, multimedia, artificial intelligence, and virtual and augmented technologies. 


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The [R]Evolution Exhibition

The [R]Evolution of Hip Hop is an immersive journey through Hip Hop History is conceived by creative agents from multiple artistic backgrounds that employ archives and experimental storytelling techniques focusing on the five elements of Hip Hop: MCing, DJing, Breakdancing, Aerosol Art, Knowledge. The exhibit celebrates Hip Hop’s emergence from the park jams and the projects to nightclubs, national concert tours, TV, and motion pictures circa 1980 to 1985. The innovative music, art, dance, and fashion that first permeated city streets in the Bronx, Harlem, Brooklyn, and Queens in the 1970s made its way Downtown. Savvy club promoters and risk-taking entrepreneurs would fuel the commercialization of Hip Hop culture and would give rise to the first Rap record labels, Master-Mixes on Black radio, and the first smash hits on the Billboard charts. This artistic and cultural revolution would soon spread Hip Hop to the West Coast and to every corner of the world.

[R]Evolution of Hip Hop Breakbeat Narratives

The centerpiece installation – “[R]Evolution of Hip Hop Breakbeat Narratives,” featuring the Elementals character –
is the museum’s first Artificial Intelligence project.
The “Breakbeat Narratives” is a collaboration between the Universal Hip Hop Museum, Microsoft, and the MIT Center for Advanced Virtuality, offering museum-goers the ability to take home a playlist of songs through a personalized narrative of Hip Hop history.

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Multimedia Timeline

Group 9
Multimedia Timeline
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RHH The Podcast

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RHH The Podcast

The [R]Evolution of Hip Hop podcast features special guest Kurtis Blow, The King of Rap. Interviewed by Popmaster Fabel, of the legendary dance group the Rock Steady Crew, Kurtis Blow talks about his career and the movement of the Universal Hip Hop Museum.  

Before Hip Hop became mainstream, there were only a few commercial stations that played Rap songs on air. In this two-part episode of the [R]Evolution of Hip Hop Podcast, the UHHM pays tribute to the legendary Awesome 2’s Special K, for being one of the first radio DJ’s to spin Rap songs on radio. 

Rocky Bucano, Executive Director of the Universal Hip Hop Museum, sits down with Ndaba Mandela to discuss the legacy of his grandfather, Nelson Mandela, and the release of his new book, Going to The Mountain.

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The Curators

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The Curators

[R]Evolution Entrances

Arrive at Bronx Terminal Market. Enter on the ground level at 610 Exterior Street, next door to HOSTOS Community College Media Center (Entrance 1), or on the Lower Level in the parking garage next to Pizza Studio (Entrance 2).

Hours of Operation
Thurs-Sat 12pm-5:30pm | Sun 1pm-6:30pm

Entrance 1 (610 Exterior Street, next to HOSTOS) and Entrance 2 (Bronx Terminal Market, Lower Level)

COVID-19 Protocols

Beginning August 17 2021, the City of New York launched the Key to NYC
In accordance with this New York City mandate, visitors 12 years of age and older must show (1) proof of at least one dose of vaccination against COVID-19, and
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To experience the [R]Evolution, you must show proof of at least one vaccination and a valid ID with name and photo or name and date of birth

Exhibit staff and volunteers at our [R]Evolution of Hip Hop are required to be vaccinated or show proof of a negative COVID PCR test at least twice a week.

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If you require an accommodation to the face covering requirement based on a medical condition, disability, or sincerely held religious belief, please contact tickets@uhhm.org three (3) days before your visit.
By purchasing a ticket for entry to UHHM (including The [R]Evolution of Hip Hop) and/or by visiting the museum in person, you agree to abide by the above policies at all times during your visit.  UHHM reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone not abiding by the policies.  If you feel you have been unlawfully denied entry please contact tickets@uhhm.org.

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The highly contagious delta variant is spreading quickly in New York City, and unvaccinated people are at the most risk for infection, hospitalization, and death.
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