August 1, 2022
James A. Peterson painter UHHM donor

James A. Peterson: Brushing with Fame, Making Greatness

“Growing up a small poor white kid in a multi-ethnic neighborhood in Milwaukee, I am glad that Hip Hop found me, and I found it. It made me feel cool and tough and hip. I don’t know if I was any of those, but thankfully the music helped me exude those things to a degree. I am unbelievably honored to be able to share gifts and collaborate creatively with some of the people who have had the biggest influence ever on Hip Hop music and culture. Then, to have those interactions and collaborations be installed in a museum dedicated to the music I have loved the most in my life brings me unspeakable joy.”
June 22, 2022
Michael Benabib legendary photographer Universal Hip Hop Museum donor

Michael Benabib: Synchronized with and Supportive of Hip Hop since 1985

“I feel like Hip Hop picked me. It presented itself to me on the street. This movement picked me because of the way I experienced it on the streets of New York. It was such a dynamic force in 1985-1986. I was compelled to start taking these photos. Because it was happening. It was viral. It was coming out of the speakers. Kangol hats. It solved the problem that every artist has: where are you going to point your camera? I was in the right place at the right time. And I ran with it.” – Michael Benabib
June 22, 2022
Jamie Robinson Mr. Throwback Thursday Classic Hip Hop UHHM Universal Hip Hop Museum donor

Jamie Robinson (aka Mr. Throwback Thursday): Making Throwbacks the Legends They’re Supposed to Be

“As a white kid growing up in rural New York, absolutely LOVING Hip Hop starting in the early 80s, and being told over and over to 'Turn that crap off,” it fills my heart to know that I lived to see a museum for the culture that I have loved for so long.” – Jamie Robinson aka Mr. Throwback Thursday
June 8, 2022
GF Anon Hip Hop Artist Author UHHM Donor

GF Anon: Striving, Pushing, and Exemplifying the Culture

“This donation helped me realize that I have a voice in the culture, and that everything that I’ve been creating throughout the years isn't falling on deaf ears. Growing up with depression and self-doubt, Hip Hop provided an outlet and a safe haven to fully express myself. Hip Hop saved a lot of people’s lives, including mine. I will continue to strive and push the culture in the right direction.” – GF Anon
May 19, 2022
Ope Odumakin DailyRapFacts Founder UHHM donor

Ope Odumakin: Edutaining the Masses with DailyRapFacts®

Ope Odumakin: Edutaining the Masses with DailyRapFacts® Ope OdumakinDailyRapFacts® Founder/CEO & UHHM Donor The Atlanta-based creator of DailyRapFacts® donated the brand’s renowned game and first editions […]
May 2, 2022
Nomad Carlos Jamaican MC Hip Hop UHHM donor

Nomad Carlos: Making Beats Underground and Around the World

Nomad Carlos: Making Beats Underground and Around the World Nomad Carlos Hip Hop MC & UHHM Donor This developer of Jamaica’s underground Hip Hop scene donated […]
April 7, 2022
Danny Savage UHHM donor collector Hip Hop culture revolutionary

Danny Savage: Dedicated to Hip Hop’s Roots and Impact

Danny Savage: Dedicated to Hip Hop’s Roots and Impact Danny Savage UHHM Donor The California-based business owner donated timeless memorabilia and tour picture books. What’s Important […]
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