Hip Hop Science

Hip Hop Science at The Hip Hop Museum (THHM) explores and celebrates scientific innovation, creativity, and the supreme mathematics that live in Hip Hop.

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Thursday, November 3, 2022, at 7 PM EDT 
with Jaron Lanier and Kwame Holland 

Photo courtesy of Esther Segretto


Hip Hop Science at The Hip Hop Museum (THHM) explores and celebrates scientific innovation, creativity, and the supreme mathematics that live in Hip Hop.  At the THHM, Hip Hop Science engages students across NYC and beyond with Back2theLab, a journey into the scientific connections between beat mathematics, sampling, rhyming, and dance. Supported by the Simons Foundation and led by Dr. Stephon Alexander, The Hip Hop Science Project engages the public and young people in our community through exploration, mentorship, and conversation. Hip Hop Science brings together Hip-Hop icons and renowned scientists in public forums that center dynamic conversations about the interwoven worlds of science and hip-hop. Among our goals is to transform how underrepresented youth identify with science and engage with scientific culture.  Livestream hip-hop participants include recording artist Vinnie Brown, Naughty By Nature, Kwame Holland, award-winning artist/producer, and Will Calhoun, drummer, Living Color. Helming the conversations is renowned astrophysicist, Dr. David Spergel, virtual reality pioneer and Microsoft scientific leader, Jaron Lanier, behavioral neuroscientist, Dr. Aya Osman, computational biologist, C. Brandon Ogbunu, and moderator, Dr. Delilah Gates

Hip Hop Scientists

Dr. Stephon Alexander (photo by Heather Goodell)

Dr. Stephon Alexander

A theoretical physicist, computational physicist, and author whose work is at the interface between cosmology, particle physics, quantum gravity and music technology.  His expertise lays in constructing new theories and models of the early universe that has predictions for the universe at present, such as a dark energy and dark matter.  He also combines mathematics and tools from theoretical physics into machine learning, the geometry and cognition of musical perception, signal processing and computational algorithms.

Alexander is a Professor of Physics at Brown University, and the President of the National Society of Black Physicists.  Alexander is also the Executive Director of the Harlem Gallery of Science.  He had previous appointments at Stanford University, Imperial College, Penn State, Dartmouth College and Haverford College.  Alexander is a specialist in the field of string theory and cosmology, where the physics of superstrings are applied to address longstanding questions in cosmology.

Hip Hop Scientists

Dr. Aya Osman

Behavioral Neuroscientist

Aya Osman is a behavioral neuroscientist and inter

Hip Hop Scientists

Jaron Lanier

Virtual Reality Pioneer and Microsoft Scientific Leader

Hip Hop Scientists

Dr. David Spergel


Favorite Hip Hop song: GZA - The Spark
Favorite s

Hip Hop Scientists

Dr. Delilah Gates


Delilah Gates is a graduate student in the Physics

Hip Hop Scientists

C. Brandon Ogbunu

Computational Biologist

A computational biologist whose research investiga

Hip Hop Artists

Hip Hop Science Artists

Will Calhoun

Living Color, Drummer

Will Calhoun is a drummer and member of Living Col

Hip Hop Science Artists

Kwamé Holland

Award-winning Recording Artist

Favorite Hip Hop Song : “Freedom” Grand Master

Hip Hop Science Artists

Vinnie Brown

Naughty By Nature


Hip Hop Science Project

I eat MC’s up like a pack of hungry lions so step out my way, I’m droppin’ science. 

Marley Marl, Featuring Craig G – DROPPIN’ SCIENCE, (1988). 

Envisioned by world-renowned physicist, Dr. Stephon Alexander, the Hip Hop Science Project is a series of one-hour video live streams pairing a notable scientist of color with a Hip Hop icon. The two will drop knowledge through a spirited conversation about the intersections of science, Hip Hop music, and Hip Hop culture. From ancient instruments that inspired binary code to the sonic cadence of rap lyrics, each conversation is designed to educate and inspire students and adults. The Hip Hop Science project is produced by The Hip Hop Museum and made possible through a generous grant from the Simons Foundation. Droppin’ science and knowledge in Fall 2022.

Back 2 the Lab

The Back 2 the Lab wing of the Hip Hop Science project will be a short, 7-10 minute film, that introduces NYC Public School students (Middle and High School) to the myriad of ways science, technology, and hip-hop are integrated. 

Dr. Stephon Alexander will take us back to his High School alma mater, DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx, New York, and share his personal experiences with the students. Joining Dr. Alexander will be behavioral neuroscientist, international fashion model Dr. Aya Osman, and multiple Grammy award winner, widely acclaimed drummer, member of the rock band Living Colour, Will Calhoun.

Behind The Scenes