Nicole Duncan-Smith


Nicole Duncan-Smith is from West Philadelphia born and raised, in the playground is where she spent most of her days. Born a month and seven days after the recognized birthdate of Hip-Hop, she lives and breathes the culture.Over her career, she has worked as an editor and/or writer for the following publications: Rap Pages, Vibe Magazine, The Source, The, Jones Magazine,,,,,,, Christian Science Monitor, and Tween Girl Style Magazine. Duncan-Smith has worked at several record labels, distribution companies, and entertainment entities, and has served under executives like Sheri Riley, Russell Simmons, Steve Stoute, and L. Londell McMillian.

Currently, she is the Director of Corporate Communications for the Ultimate Rap League, helping to position the largest English-speaking battle rap league in the world.She is the author of the children’s book, “I Am Hip-Hop” and a writer in the graphic novel series, “Blokhedz.” Her love for authentic rap culture has moved her to start Haymakers Presents Battlecon, the first battle rap convention, and join the advisory board for The Hip Hop Museum.

She is a wife to Gregory Smith and a mother to Broadway and feature film actress Eden Duncan-Smith.