Karl Kani is a legendary fashion designer based in California.

He took the world by storm in 1989 when he launched his self-titled urban wear clothing line which remains a household favorite for over 30 years. He is a self-taught designer, who possesses a keen eye for detail and an amazing fashion sense. His unique self-assuredness gave him the confidence to know that he can create a clothing brand, he can build a fashion empire and he can be a source of inspiration to millions across the globe.

An innate determination and “can do” attitude drives Karl. He embodies a positive mindset that everyone connected to him finds absolutely contagious. His future vision for fashion and the indelible impact he wished to make led him to create a timeless brand the world would soon never forget the name of. The Karl Kani brand epitomizes determination; Karl is a self-starter who stays focused despite any challenges that may prevail. He credits his success to his ingenious way of thinking, his innovative marketing strategies, and surrounding himself with the best team who recognizes the vision and commits fully to working to make it a reality.

The Karl Kani brand catapulted even further with endorsements from the iconic Tupac, B.I.G, and Aaliyah among others. In recent years, top celebrities including Chris Brown, Migos, and Rihanna have represented the brand; showing the world how stylish, relevant, and important to the Hip Hop Community and streetwear globally. Karl Kani is living proof that success depends more on your mindset than your bank account or background. Karl came into the fashion industry and filled a gap, providing timeless pieces to members of the community that were both affordable and durable. Karl Kani is truly the originator of streetwear style, paving the way through his inventive designs that appealed to the ordinary guy and the A List celebrity.

The Karl Kani story continues to be written every day. When supporters in Germany, Japan, The United States, and countless other countries represent the brand, a feeling of pride and joy emanates and more inspiration flows to continue creating and remain focused on keeping the hearts of the wonderful supporters around the globe that the brand effortlessly captures each day.

When you see the Karl Kani brand being worn by a friend, when you look back at those pictures of yourself wearing your Karl Kani, when you see that an image of the legendary Tupac sporting the brand, we want you to remember what the brand represents and what we stand for, this is bigger than all of us, we have created a legacy that becomes a part of you; this is OUR brand.