Faulu Mtume is the President of Mtume Publishing Inc., a  role he’s had since 2010. Faulu is the gatekeeper of his father James Mtume’s music catalog, which includes strategic licensing for synchronization and sample clearances. In regards to the latter, much of James Mtume’s music has been sampled by artists through the years – especially in the world of Hip-Hop.

Faulu grew from the years of watching James Mtume make the hits to working alongside his father as a composer, writing musical score pieces for the hit detective TV series, “New York Undercover”. Later, Faulu formed the label Moyo Music with his cousin Damu Mtume and Art Martin. Together, they discovered Neo-Soul artist (and Philly native) Bilal and executive produced his first two albums – “First Born Second” and “Love For Sale”.

With dozens of artists sampling and recording the music of the late James Mtume, Faulu’s work as the President of Mtume Publishing Inc. is as important and vital as ever. This to ensure that the elder Mtume’s legacy remains in the forefront of today’s times.