50 years of hip hop

The City of New York +
Universal Hip Hop Museum

The City of New York, the Office of the Mayor, and the Universal Hip Hop Museum have partnered to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop in 2023. This 12-month partnership includes local community activities throughout each of the five boroughs and a global concert.


The UHHM as “The Official Record of Hip Hop,”
is transforming New York City
into THE mecca for all things Hip Hop.

NYC taxis, HipHop 50th Anniversary artist names illuminated in the NYC skyline, kiosks, buses, immersive traveling experiences, murals, walking tours, and other platforms throughout the five (5) boroughs will showcase the stories of New York City’s contribution to 50 Years of Hip Hop history.


Economic Empowerment

Social Impact

Educational Programming

Creative Place Making

2023 Calendar

March 2023
Traveling Exhibit
UHHM Hip Hop Experience
March 2023
May 2023
Hip Hop Bike Ride for Health
Mental Health Awareness Month
May 2023
June 2023
Hip Hop Pride/Pride Day Parade
June 2023
September 2023
Hip Hop 4 Peace
International Peace Day Summit/Stop The Violence Now
September 2023

About UHHM

Slated to open in late 2024, the Universal Hip Hop Museum will be a 50,000 + sq. ft. cultural institution dedicated to the preservation, education, and amplification of global Hip Hop history.