Luis Uriondo: Living the South Bronx, Forever and Always
Luis Uriondo South Bronx donor UHHM
Luis Uriondo, UHHM Donor

Luis Uriondo: Living the South Bronx, Forever and Always

What’s Important About This Item

Accessories and apparel are to Hip Hop what stilettos and pocket squares are to fashion. The t-shirt Luis Uriondo chose to donate resonates with him, and with everyone in some way. Luis was clear: “Hip Hop is not only about Black and Brown people. It is for everyone who chooses the lifestyle in some capacity…including Mickey Mouse.” The most recognized, and historically positive, character in the Disney world is Mickey Mouse, and his presence and character are felt around the world, across cultures and generations.

Disney South Bronx Luis Uriondo donor UHHM
The Hip Hop Can’t Stop Won’t Stop South Bronx Disney Tee

Why Luis Donated This Item to the UHHM

“When I first spotted this t-shirt,” Luis told us, “I realized that Mickey, Donald and Goofy were sharing in the Hip Hop culture in what was my happiest place on earth as a child: the South Bronx. The UHHM represents part of my life in the 80s, when I was a teenager in Betances Housing Projects in the South Bronx. SHOUT OUT to Betances legend, graffiti artist John ‘Crash’ Matos.”

In Luis’s Words

“My donation means that even though I am no longer part of the South Bronx, the South Bronx and its Hip Hop culture will forever be part of me.” – Luis Uriondo

Kate Harvie

Kate Harvie

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